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ContMaster Company offers full service of containers’ refitting to meet various needs. You can use a refitted ISO container as a shelter on the building yard, a watch-box, a warehouse for storing goods or a comfortable house in the country. We make any buildings on the basis of ISO containers – according to customer’s specifications.

ContMaster Company is busy in the market of transport logistics for more than 10 years. We transport cargoes of any complexity in ISO containers all over the Russian Federation and engage in merchandise imports / exports. Our geographic reach includes all Russian regions, CIS countries, the United Kingdom, the USA and other states of the world.

ContMaster Services

Buying of used S.O.C containers across the RF

We buy S.O.C containers after cargo transportation from foreign clients. S.O.C is an abbreviation for Shipper’s Owned Container – in other words, the consignor must be the owner of ISO containers. You can sell us various types of used containers:

  • Dry Containers (DC) – after transporting standard piece goods;
  • High Cube (HC) and Open Top (OT) – after transporting bulky and out-of-gauge cargoes;
  • Refrigerated Containers (RC) – after carrying meat, fish, semi-prepared foods and medicaments;
  • Bulk Containers (BC) – after transporting granular cargoes (coal, sand, iron ore, sugar);
  • Tank Containers (TC) for food cargoes and technical products.

Freight forwarding on the Russian territory

ContMaster Company delivers cargoes in ‘door-to-door’ format: that is to say, we arrive to the consignor’s warehouse, put goods in ISO containers, affix a seal onto the container’s latch and deliver the cargo to the consignee’s warehouse just-in-time. We use our own motor-transport – that lets you reduce the financial costs significantly and have on-time deliveries of production.

ContMaster forwards various types of cargoes:

  • Foodstuffs;
  • Household appliances, electronics and crockery;
  • Furniture (sofas, cabinets, tables, chairs);
  • Boards and industrial woods;
  • Fittings and metal-roll;
  • Motor-cars, bikes and other means of transport;
  • Industrial products and scientific instruments.

In addition to that, our company is a payer of railway tariffs within the territory of Russia.

Road transport services in Yekaterinburg and throughout Russia

We deliver ISO containers for loading / unloading on our transport vehicles or take supplemental carriers in case of need. ContMaster Company has a large autopark and works in all RF cities and towns.

Sale of ISO containers for import and export traffics

Our company offers you ISO containers of various types and capacity (20 ft, 40 ft, Open-Top 40 ft). They’re perfect for international consignments of any complexity. You can transport in ISO containers standard, bulky and outsize cargoes and products in granular, liquid and gaseous states (sand, sugar, petroleum, alcohols, edible fats, juices, liquefied gases).

Leasing of ISO containers

In ContMaster Company you can rent containers you need (standard Dry Containers, High-Cubes, Open-Tops). Ones can be used for a variety of ends:

  • Transportation of piece, liquid and granular cargoes;
  • Temporary storage of products (as a warehouse).

The minimum lease period is two months. You can get to know the cost of renting in the table below.

For more information phone us by number +7 (800) 250-10-83 or send your order by e-mail contmaster@mail.ru.


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