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ContMaster Company sells ISO containers for sea (river), railway and road transportations. We offer you both new and used ones. Another specialization of your company is refitting cargo containers – you can use them as a warehouse or a shelter for workers. We guarantee high quality of our goods and great service.

Sale of ISO containers: new and used, standard and special

ContMaster Company sells ISO containers of all types, which are suitable for cargo carriages by motor, sea, railway and air transport. We work in all Russian regions and CIS countries.

We offer you the next types of ISO containers:

  • Dry Containers (for standard goods);
  • High-Cubes (with higher capacity);
  • Open-Tops (without top);
  • Refrigerated Containers (with a freezing plant);
  • Tank Containers (for liquid goods and condensed gases). 

Dry Containers (DC) are the most popular in the freight market. The walls of that container are made of strong corrugated steel – it makes transportation processes fully safe. The dry container has a lock and seal device, wood flooring. DC can be used for transportation and storing of cargo of max. 2,38 m height. Available variants: 3 tons, 5 tons, 20 feet, 40 feet.

ContMaster Company sells ISO containers for sea (river), railway and road transportations

High Cube Containers (HC) are suitable for bulky goods. Their height is 2,9 meters, payload volume is enlarged. High-Cubes have a special tunnel in their floor. It lets move the container by motor transport much comfortably.

Open-Top Containers (OT) are used for transportation of bulky and out-of-gage loads. They have no top, you can use tent or canvas covering. In the OT container goods are loaded both vertical way (with a lifting crane or «crabs») and through front doors.

Refrigerated Containers (RC) have a freezing plant and operate on electricity. One can transport in that container meat, fish, semi-prepared foods, fruit, vegetables, berries and many sorts of medical products. The RC container holds temperature from -25 0C to +25 0С.

Tank Containers (TC) are classified as food and technical. Food tank containers are used for transportation of milk, alcohol drinks, juices and soda water. Technical tank containers are suitable for spirits, fatty acids, oils and liquefied gases. The ones have waterproof overflow valves, in addition – thermal insulation and a steam jacket.

You can learn cost of containers in your town having a look at section «Price of ISO containers». ContMaster offers various refitting services:

Sale of container with delivery from «ContMaster» Company

  • Winterization;
  • Installation of windows, doors and partitions;
  • Installation of electric wiring;
  • Interior furnishing;
  • Placing of shelves and racks.

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